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  • Upgrade only available if you have previously purchased Cardpresso from Brady
  • Upgrade from XXS edition to the XS edition
  • XS Edition is specifically designed to assist small companies
  • User friendly interface
  • Upgrade only
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Upgrade only available if you have previously purchased Cardpresso from Brady


When you upgrade you gain access to Cardpresso's XS edition feature set as below:

Simple Database
Cardpresso’s XS edition is specifically tailored to meet the needs of small businesses with key features that save you time and make printing ID cards a snap!

Excel, CSV and TXT connection
XS edition interfaces with the external database you’ve already developed, allowing you to access database information from within the printing software and use it to quickly and securely produce individualized ID cards without manually duplicating data.

Linking Excel files to your design allows you to drag and drop database elements directly into a design and alter them with a single click. That’s a surefire way to reduce errors and save you time, money, and a few headaches along the way!

QR Code
XS edition also gives you the option of including QR codes with customized data like an employee ID or name. All you have to do to include QR codes when printing any ID card is to link each code to a column in your database and Cardpresso’s software will automatically do the rest.

Password Protection
You can prevent unauthorized alterations to your design template, access to your database, or ID card printing by password locking different phases of the card production process. Let’s imagine you want to allow employees to print ID cards but not alter the template design. No problem - a password lock on only the design phase allows card printing without any undesired creative license. Or you can restrict who can print ID cards entirely.

Production Mode
Production mode view gives you a streamlined interface once you’ve defined the design, making day to day card production easy. You can add or manage data and print tags with just one click!

Card Printer Compatibility

Cardpresso is compatible with most card printers. For more information, please review our Cardpresso Compatibility Information Sheet

MAC & Windows Supported

For more information please review the Cardpresso datasheet

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