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Lanyard Material Options

Micro-weave Polyester

Suit almost every application for everyday use. Trade shows, office wear, visitor identification, corporate events, music festivals, and more!

Ultra-weave Polyester

Luxury finish. This material is ultra smooth, with a smooth silky finish. Will suit high-end applications, such as business events, expos, expensive networking events, music festivals and more!

Opti-Weave Polyester

Micro-weave Polyester is a fixed flat shape, the Opti-Weave material can be moved into a flexible tubular shape. Perfect for applications that will involve wearing the lanyard for long periods of time, and comfort against the skin is priority.

Flat Braided PET (Recycled)

Flat Braided PET is the middle ground between durability and flexibility. Perfect for motion based activities, such as sports. Soft, slightly stretchy and very comfortable to wear - think of a comfortable flat shoelace material. 

Lanyard Swatch Kit Booklet

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Lanyards Swatch Kit Booklet

Would you like to receive our FREE Lanyards Swatch Kit Booklet?

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Over 300 PMS Colours

Additional charges apply for multiple colours

Rush Service

Additional charges apply.

Price Guide

This price guide is indicative only. Additional charges apply for multiple colours and custom variations. See inclusions below for details of what's included in this price guide.

Standard Silkscreen Lanyard

Rush Order Dye-Sub Lanyard

Rush Order Silkscreen Lanyard

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your main types of lanyards?

Our most popular custom lanyard is our Silkscreen Microweave Lanyard; it is the best choice for value and presentation where you can have your choice of text or logo printed onto the material. Second would be our Dye Sublimated Lanyard, which is a full colour print lanyard, where the ink is ‘dyed’ into the material.We also offer many more material choices such as woven lanyards, tube polyester lanyards, vinyl lanyards and much more. Woven lanyards have extra strength due to their woven polyester weave, where your logo is embroided into the material.

Is there a minimum order?

Our custom lanyards all have a minimum order of 500 units.

What attachment options are available?

We have such a wide range of attachments, that in all likely hood, if you are looking for one, we have it. Some of the more popular attachment clips are bulldog clips and swivel hook clips, as well as trigger swivel hook clips and split rings.

What is the best lanyard for a complex logos?

Our Dye Sublimated Lanyards are the best for complex logos. Where fine details and complex colours are required, the dye transfer process ensures these details are transferred to the material. To ensure you’re getting what you need in terms of print quality, we encourage you to speak to our team to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

How long are your lanyards?

Our standard lanyards are approximately 91.4cm before being sewn and looped together. We have ensured that these are the ideal length for most adults to wear comfortably around the neck. Ask us about options for lengths as we are able to make them shorter or longer to suit your requirements.

What kind of lanyard widths do you offer?

Our lanyards come in a range of standard widths, but range from 5mm to 25mm depending on your material choice. Talk to someone from our team about what width is best for your needs.

How long will my order take?

Custom Lanyard orders normally take about 3 weeks to arrive after final artwork approval. If you have an urgent deadline, please reach out to our customer service team.

What colours can I choose?

We have a selection of 12 standard stock material colours for our products, but can colour match any colour via the Pantone Colour Matching system. Simply let us know your PMS numbers and we’ll do the rest.

Do you have safe lanyards for medical settings?

People working in hospitals or other medical settings usually need to carry some form of ID for security purposes. However, wearing a lanyard might seem unsafe in a medical setting due to the choking hazard they provide inherently. We offer lanyards with single or multiple “break away” clips that quickly detach preventing the lanyard from choking the wearer. Speak to one of our team so they can assist you in ordering the right specification for your requirements.

A Lanyards’ Glossary For Business Owners

Getting the right Lanyard for you is easy when you understand the different options available. Check out our most commonly used glossary terms below and find the right fit for your business today. Get started on our different options in the ‘Jump to’ section below.

Types of Lanyards

Popular Lanyard Materials

Lanyard Printing Terms

Best-Selling Lanyard Attachments

Print File Types: Definitions

Types of Lanyards

The team at IDW will help you pick the right lanyard for your business. From shock-absorbing lanyards and self-retracting lanyards to break-away lanyards, you’re sure to learn more about our most popular options.


Safety Lanyard - These are popular for those who work at heights. Different to a harness, a safety lanyard quickly slows down a falling worker till they completely stop.

Woven Lanyard - Made from a durable woven polyester weave, woven lanyards make a great canvas for your brand’s logo.

Tube Polyester Lanyard - This Lanyard is a great low-cost option that doesn’t compromise on quality. They are made from loose-stitched Polyester which is formed into a tube and crimped at the end.

Vinyl Lanyard - Vinyl lanyards are a great alternative to cloth lanyards. This no-fuss option will last longer compared to synthetic fibres

Break-away Lanyard - For those who work around dangerous equipment, a break-away lanyard is a fantastic option. This lanyard uses a plastic clip that gives way when any force is applied.

Dye-Sub Lanyard - Does your company use a detailed graphic or logo? A Dye-Sub Lanyard is a great way to get quality images on your lanyard.

Silkscreen Lanyard - Silkscreen lanyards are perfect for large corporate and social events thanks to their water-resistant qualities. Silkscreen printing involves using a stencil to force ink through a mesh screen onto the lanyard.

Check out more of our lanyards here - You’re never too far from the right lanyard for you!

Lanyard materials are a serious business! Whether you’re working at a remote music festival or require identification in a corporate office, the type of material you use for your lanyard will keep your valuables safe and sound.

Micro-Weave Polyester
Ultra-Weave Polyester
Opti-Weave Polyester

Flat-Braided PET

Micro-Weave Polyester - This material is popular thanks to its durability and competitive price. It looks great in corporate environments, but is tough enough to last at events like music festivals, concerts and trade shows.

Ultra-Weave Polyester - Our Ultra-weave polyester lanyards are great for networking events, product launches and music festivals thanks to their luxury finish.

Opti-Weave Polyester - If you’re looking for durability and flexibility, look no further than our rugged opti-weave polyester lanyards. The softness of opti-weave polyester makes them comfortable to wear all day.

Flat Braided PET (Recycled) - Our Flat-braided PET lanyards are perfect for PE teachers, personal trainers and construction workers. This lanyard is very similar to shoelace material.

Learn more about our different lanyard materials here

Lanyard Printing Terms

Lanyard Printing is a significant step in your purchasing decision. The graphic or logo that you choose for your lanyard might be the first interaction that visitors or potential customers have with your business.

Logo Artwork - This is the graphic or image that you decide to print on your lanyard.

PMS Colour - ‘PMS’ stands for Pantone Matching System. It is a universal colour matching system used for printing, with each colour represented by a numbered code.

PMS Number - This is the numbered code that the Pantone Matching System uses to identify certain colours.

Pantone Colour - Pantone Colours are a standard language for colours. Different shades and colours are identified by a code number.

Dye-Sublimation - This is a full-colour computer printing technique that uses heat to transfer an image onto plastics and fibres.

Digital Printing - Digital printing is a technique that uses large-format and high-volume printers to print an image.

Artwork Placement - Artwork placement refers to the positioning of an image on your lanyard. The placement of your image can deliver an impactful message to visitors and customers.

Continuous Print Placement - Continuous print placement allows you to place an image on the same spot in a bulk printing job.

Positional Print Placement - Like continuous print placement, positional print placement allows you to control the location of your artwork. For more consistency, the artwork is done to scale.

Best-selling Lanyard Attachments

What is a Lanyard attachment? A lanyard attachment keeps your ID badge, proximity card, keys or cell phone attached to you at all times. The attachment that your lanyard uses is an important part of your purchase. Looking for a lanyard attachment at a competitive price? Our split ring options are a great choice. If you’re working with heavy machinery, our break-away attachments are sure to make an impact! They use a clever clip that gives way when any force is applied, keeping you safe when things go wrong.

  • break awayBreak-Away - These are recommended for those who work with heavy machinery. The plastic clip gives way when any force is applied, saving workers when lanyards get caught.
  • Swivel hookSwivel Hook - A swivel hook uses a swivel joint to allow your clasp to move freely, even with valuables attached. This swivel attachment uses a hook to easily attach identification.
  • Swivel Bulldog ClipSwivel Bulldog Clip - Much like a swivel hook, a swivel bulldog clip uses a bulldog clip to keep your identification secure. Bulldog clip attachments are suitable for proximity cards.
  • Split RingSplit Ring - Split ring lanyard attachments are perfect for keeping keys in reach. They are suitable for securing heavier items.
  • Bulldog Clip Small RingBulldog Clip Small Ring - Bulldog clips use a small ring to keep your ID secure to your lanyard. Bulldog clips are great for keeping ID badges and key cards in reach.
  • Bulldog Clip Large OpeningBulldog Clip with Large Opening - Do you keep different forms of ID or cards on you? This Bulldog clip comes with a large opening for those who carry multiple forms of ID.
  • Trigger Snap Swivel HookTrigger Snap Swivel Hook - Trigger snaps use a small lever to the side of the swivel hook to attach different types of cards.
  • Black Narrow Plastic HookBlack Narrow Plastic Hook - Plastic hooks are a cost-effective option for businesses looking to improve their security. This lightweight attachment uses a plastic hook to attach identification to the wearer.
  • Black Wide Plastic HookBlack Wide Plastic Hook - Similar to the black narrow plastic hook, a black wide plastic hook allows you to attach multiple cards or badges.
  • Split Ring Clear Vinyl StrapSplit Ring with Clear Vinyl Strap Clip - Using a clear vinyl strap clip can extend the life of your cards and badges, while making them easy to attach and reattach.
  • Crimp AttachmentCrimp Attachment - A crimp attachment uses a metal ferrule to attach a split ring or clip to your lanyard. They are a no-nonsense way to make sure that your ID stays exactly where you need it.
  • Sewn or Stitch AttachmentSewn or Stitch Attachment - This economical attachment uses a sewn end to fit a hook or ring clasp to your lanyard.

Printing File Types: Definitions

Saving your graphic as the wrong printing file type could undo all your hard work. The type of lanyard and material you use will help guide which file type you should save your file as.

PDF Files
JPEG Files
PNG Files

PDF Files - PDF stands for ‘Portable Document Format’, and is a file format often used to include text formatting and images. PDF files can easily be shared and printed.

JPEG Files - JPEG is an acronym for ‘Joint Photographic Experts Group’. It is used to compress images to smaller sizes without compromising on photo quality.

PNG Files - A PNG file stands for ‘Portable Network Graphics’. It is popular thanks to the broader and brighter colour palette it offers.

High resolution - High Resolution allows a large amount of detail in a crisp and clear image. This will guarantee that your graphic is easy to read and understand.

EPS Files - An EPS file is a vector file format used for professional and high-quality image printing. It is commonly used by Adobe Illustrator as a graphics file format.