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  • Upgrade only available if you have previously purchased Cardpresso from Brady
  • Upgrade from XXS edition to the XL edition
  • XL Edition is specifically designed to assist companies with a security focus
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Upgrade only available if you have previously purchased Cardpresso from Brady


When you upgrade you gain access to Cardpresso's XL edition feature set as below:

Security, Automated Processes
CardPresso XL edition is the best choice for companies focused on security and efficiency with top of the line features like multi-layout support, UV printing, user permission management and encoding.

Live Bidirectional Connection to DB using ODBC Drivers
Ensuring that the data printed on your badges is updated can be a real headache. XL edition gets rid of headaches with a live bidireactional connection to your centralized database using ODBC drivers. This means that you'll always have updated data at your fingertips to edit or print badges and this information will be automatically saved to your centralised database - that means no duplication, no data loss and no delayed updates. UV Printing UV printed items are invisible to the naked eye, but appear when exposed to a UV light source, making it much more difficult to produce counterfeit ID cards. XL edition allows you to UV print static elements like logos and trademarks or dynamic elements like name, photo, and the ID number of the card holder, adding an extra layer of card security.

Multi Layouts
XL edition isn't only about security - it's also about efficiency. That's why we've included the multi-layout feature, which allows you to print a batch of cards with differing layouts based on a database condition. Let’s imagine - you’re printing ID badges for a group of new employees from varying departments and every department has a different badge layout for easy visual identification - great for security, but not so great for efficiency. Not any more - based on the employee information in your database, XL edition’s multi-layout feature prints badges for each employee in the correct layout with a single click.

Contactless and Contact Encoding
Facility security concerns are on the increase, which means more and more companies are moving to contact or contactless encoding to verify card holder identity and access permissions. Cardpresso's XL edition supports the encoding of a wide range of contact and RFID technologies such as MIFARE Classic, DESFire, Ultralight, NFC, SLE cards and more.

User Permissions
Security conscious businesses know it’s essential to monitor who has access to your information flow. XL edition’s “User Permissions” and “Audit Report” features allow you to keep track of the operations performed in Cardpresso software to make sure your information flow stays secure.

Auto Print
In some environments, ID Card printing needs to be integrated with third-party systems like ERPs that is why XL edition gives you the ability to configure Cardpresso to print a specific layout under specific database conditions.

 Card Printer Compatibility

Cardpresso is compatible with most card printers. For more information, please review our Cardpresso Compatibility Information Sheet

MAC & Windows Supported

For more information please review the Cardpresso datasheet

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