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Part No
  • Single or dual-sided printing & laminating
  • Print speed: Max. 22 sec/card (YMCK & single lamination)
  • 300DPI edge-to-edge printing
  • 2 Lines LCD with LED buttons for front operation
  • Support for transparent cards 
  • Low-cost security with UV Printing 
  • Holographic lamination for visual security & card durability
  • USB & Ethernet connection
  • Includes Cardpresso ID Card Design Software XXS Edition

Click here to view the Smart 51 Card Printer information sheet and Cardpresso XXS Edition Datasheet.

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Printer Accessories

The SMART-51L Laminating printer is the perfect option for printing and laminating in one step to produce high-security long-life ID cards with customisable security patch films. With the patented Direct Lamination technology, the SMART-51L is the industry’s fastest *ready to print* laminator. In only 8 seconds SMART-51L is ready to print and laminate your highly secured cards. A perfect solution for small to medium-sized businesses to suit endless print applications:

  • Student ID Cards
  • Employee ID Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Club Membership Cards
  • Event Accreditation
  • Access Cards 

Includes Cardpresso ID Card Design Software XXS Edition, USB cable, Power Adapter, Installation CD, and Quick Setup Guide. The input hopper is able to accommodate up to 200 cards.

More Information
Card Size CR80
Card Thickness 15-40mil
Card Type - Adhesive Yes
Card Type - PVC Yes
Card Type - Rewritable No
Card Type - Snap No
Cards Security Low
Display LCD
Encoding Magstripe, Contactless
Ethernet Yes*
Field Upgradeable Yes
Industry: Health Care Recommended
Industry: Corporate ID Not Recommended
Industry: Small Business Recommended
Industry: Transport Recommended
Input/Output 100 or 200 / 40$
Memory RAM 64MB
Operating System Windows or MAC
Optional Security Features Input/Output Hopper Lock & Kensington Lock
Print Area Edge to Edge
Print Method DTC
Print Speed 16
Printers_Lamination Yes
Resolution 300dpi (Colour) or 600dpi (Black)
Recommended Software Cardpresso XXS**
Software included with Printer SMART ID
Warranty 2 years
Same Day Dispatch No
Wifi Yes#

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should I consider when choosing an ID Card Printer?

Choosing the right card printer requires careful consideration of several factors, including printing technology, printing volume, card size, connectivity, encoding options, security features, and cost. By keeping these factors in mind, you can select a printer that meets your needs and produces high-quality, durable cards.

For more information on this topic see our IDW Technologies Blog - Choosing an ID Card Printer: 7 Factors to Consider

What is the difference between Direct-to-Card and Re-transfer ID Card Printers?

Direct-to-card printers are typically less expensive and faster than retransfer printers but produce lower-quality prints that are less durable. On the other hand, Retransfer printers provide higher quality prints and more durable cards but come with a higher cost and slower print speed.

When choosing between the two, it's essential to consider your specific printing needs and budget to determine which technology best fits your organisation.

For more information on this topic see our IDW Technologies Blog - Choosing the right ID Card Printer: Differentiating Between Direct-to-card and Re-transfer

Which printer supplies do I need when buying an ID Card Printer?

When buying an ID Card Printer, there are essential supplies to consider:

  • Blank Cards: Blank Cards are used for printing IDs and come in various sizes with unique features.
  • Printer Ribbons & Cartridges: Printer Ribbons apply ink or other materials to the ID Cards. Types include monochrome, full-colour, and specialised ribbons. Cartridges may be required depending on your print requirements.
  • Software: Your ID Card Printer may require additional Software depending on your printing requirements. Contact our customer service team for further assistance regarding choosing the correct software for your needs.
  • Cleaning Kits: Maintain print quality with Cleaning Kits and supplies including cleaning cards, solutions, and wipes.
  • Overlays or Laminates (optional): Add protection and durability to ID Cards using transparent films applied with a Laminate Ribbon.
  • Card Holders and Accessories: Consider ID Card Holders, Lanyards, Badge Reels, Clips, and other accessories for displaying and protecting your ID.

Note: It's important to check the specific requirements of your ID Card Printer model to ensure compatibility with the appropriate printer supplies.

Contact us and speak to one of our Sales Representatives to assist further in selecting the correct ID Card Consumables for your printer.

How do I purchase consumables for my ID Card Printer?

Our ID Card Printer Consumables are located in the Card Printer Consumables category.

Here we have a range of different consumables including blank cards, printer cleaning supplies, software, power cords and adaptors. For ID Card Printer Ribbons visit the Card Printer Ribbons category and shop a range of popular brands including SMART, HID Fargo, Zebra and many more. To find suitable ID Card Printer Cartridges visit the ID Printer Cartridge category.

Take the time to browse through the available options and find the specific supplies that match your ID Card Printer's requirements. Our customer service team and sales representatives are available to assist with any enquiries to find a suitable consumable to match your printer - Simply contact us here.

Once you have found the correct consumable for your needs it can be purchased directly from our ID Warehouse website or by requesting a quote with our customer service team.

What kind of technical support or warranty is provided with the ID Card Printer?

Our printers are supplied with a 2-3 years warranty at the time of purchase. Refer to your specific printer model information to determine the exact warranty time period offered.

Please contact our ID Warehouse Customer Service department at 1300 301 748 to confirm the warranty and organise any claims for service or repairs covered by the warranty.

For claims outside of warranty please refer to our Printer Service and Repair guide. You can request a repair authorisation by calling ID Warehouse Customer Service at 1300 301 748.

Are any printers capable of printing on both sides of the card?

At ID Warehouse, we have a range of single and dual-sided ID Card Printers. It is crucial to be aware of the ID Card Holder's printing capabilities as not all printers have dual-sided technology.

Contact us and speak to one of our Sales Representatives to assist further with finding the right dual-sided or single-sided ID Card Printer for your requirements.

What ID Card Printer security features are included to prevent counterfeiting or tampering?

Our ID Card Printers are available with a range of different levels of security features. It is important to consider your requirements and what security features are essential for your business, such as holograms or watermarks. Some ID Card Printers offer these features built-in, while others require additional modules or accessories.

High Security Printers include: Fargo DTC4250e, Fargo HDP5000, Fargo HDP6600

Contact our sales representatives to assist with choosing the correct printer that meets your security requirements.

How fast can the ID Card Printer print cards?

Direct-to-card printers tend to print faster than retransfer printers due to the simpler printing process. Retransfer printers have to go through an extra step to transfer the image from the clear film onto the card, which can slow down the printing process.

Refer to our ID Card Printer Guide from our IDW Technologies website for assistance in determining printer speed. For further support submit an enquiry to our ID Warehouse Customer Service team here.

What volume of cards per year can I print?

The quantity of output per year will be determined by the capabilities of the printer model. The more affordable ranges have a lower output of less than 10,000 cards per year whereas the more specialised can print more than 100,000 cards per year.

It is important to consider how many cards you will be printing on a regular basis. If you only need to print a few cards per week or month, a basic printer will suffice. However, if you need to print hundreds or thousands of cards per day, you'll need a high-volume printer that can handle the workload.

Less than 10,000 include: SMART-51L, SMART-51S/D, Fargo DTC1250e, Fargo DTC4250e

Higher-volume printers include: Fargo HDP5000, Fargo HDP6600

What are the best ID Card Printer options that offer both value and affordability?

At ID Warehouse we have a variety of ID Card Printers at different price points. Direct-to-card printers tend to have a lower price compared to retransfer printers due to their simpler design and fewer features. However, retransfer printers offer superior print quality and card durability, making them essential for specific applications like government IDs or employee badges.

It is important to consider your specific requirements to ensure that the printer selected meets all your needs. With your features in mind, the higher volume and security required usually reflect a higher cost but our team will work with you to ensure you get exactly the printer you need at a great price.

Budget-friendly options include: SMART-51S/D, Fargo DTC1250e, Fargo DTC4250e

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