HID Crescendo


What is HID Crescendo?

HID Crescendo authenticators provide organisations with high assurance digital credentials by leveraging certified cryptography in accordance with NIST high authenticator assurance level SP800-63 IAL2 / IAL3. A strong identity is the foundation of zero trust security and helps organisations protect personal and corporate data as well as meet regulatory requirements.

Crescendo smartcards, which serve as an employee visual ID corporate badge, can be used for workstation logon, network access, email and document signing and encryption. In addition to smartcards, other form factors are available including smart usb keys. Crescendo authenticators implement multiple protocols including fido2, piv/pki and oath to ensure interoperability with the widest range of applications.

Crescendo authenticators can be used by themselves and can also be managed by hid’s solutions, for organisations deploying security at scale.

Why Crescendo?

The right choice of credential for your workplace can minimise costly implementation issues and streamline user experience. No two organisations work the same way. Understanding how and where you’ll need to secure access and protect your enterprise data is key when deciding which credential option is best.

When protecting sensitive information is a major concern, you’ll need credential options that provide dual encryption and authentication functionality. HID Crescendo Smart Cards and USB Keys deliver versatility and security across both cyber and physical use cases and access.

High assurance authentication smart cards with digital signature and encryption capabilities

Creating, managing, and revoking access of authentication credentials is a challenge for any large organisation.

When HID Crescendo is combined with our identity lifecycle management solution, organisations can automate provisioning and deprovisioning of credentials and digital certificates with flexibility and scalability as they grow.

Converged Credentials

The most seamless experience for users, as it allows for both physical and digital access. Enabling individuals work access with a single smart badge or security key.

Working with other authentication technologies.

Using multiple authentication technologies, you’ll need a credential that can handle them all to safely accommodate legacy systems, to avoid operational risks.

Ease Password Burden

Remove the need for multiple PINs, passwords, or  logon procedures across applications, with a single credential across your organisations applications.

Manage Access Policies with Smart Badges + Security Keys

Management solutions with an ecosystem of applications that work seamlessly together to secure both physical and cyber resources access.

Enterprise-Ready Converged Credential Ecosystem

Key Features & Benefits of HID Crescendo

Benefit from trusted identities, ensuring that digital and physical access is restricted to authorised individuals.

Go beyond MFA and open doors with an authenticator investment that includes digital signing, data encryption and physical access functionality.

Future-proof your organisation’s credentials with solutions designed to work well with both legacy systems and emerging cybersecurity evolutions.

Enable seamless compliance with regulations around access to sensitive data, including GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, SP800-171, CMMC. NYC cc part 500, NERC-CIP and more.

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