PassagePoint - The Worlds Most Trusted Visitor Management System

PassagePoint™ is a powerful, and versatile application that enhances youraccess control by providing a secure and efficient way to manage visitors andcontractors on site. Discover the benefits of PassagePoint™ Visitor & Contractor Management:

Know who is on your premises at all times
through electronic verification, registration, tracking and reporting in real time.

Create professional and streamlined
site access points with an efficient sign-in process that keeps information confidential.

Realise return on investment
with reduced workloads,redeployment of resources and control of contractor time spent on sites.

Keep electronic records
to monitor access, induction and accreditation for all visitors and workers, including contractor time and attendance.

Capture and maintain records for WHS compliance
by creating live emergency lists and maintaining auditable data on file.

Set up stand-alone or as a networked solution
so you can manage PassagePoint™ centrally in a way that suits your business needs.

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