Identity Access Management

Here is a quick overview of PIAM and an introduction to SAFE Enterprise
- an identity management platform from HID.

What Is PIAM?

Physical identity access management (PIAM) manages policies, procedures and access rules for on/off-boarding worker identities like employees, contractors, vendors and temporary workers.

PIAM: Why Does It Matter?


Reduced Costs

by leveraging existing physical/IT infrastructure and automating manual processes that reduce errors


Minimise Risk

by vetting and authorising identities base on role, location and other organisational policies


Ensure Compliance

with regulatory and security requirements through real-time reporting


Foster Customer Centricity

by automating security business processes; helping customers initiate and track their own requests

A Survey Of IT Leaders: Shows Key Identity Challenges Faced Today

“Physical access is enforced manually, which makes it vulnerable to human error” 1

“Integration between physical and logical security systems could improve” 1

“That when an employee or contractor is terminated, they’re not certain their identity and access are removed properly” 1

SAFE ENTERPRISE: Next Generation Security

Automate key processes and simplify the management of identities - employees, contractors, vendors and visitors
- across an organisation and make sure each identity has the right access, to the right areas, for the right length of time.

Reduce Costs

Reduce operating costs by automating identity/access management

Minimize Risk

Minimise risk when manually enforcing policies

Reduce Delays

Reduce delays in on/off-boarding identities and their physical access in PACS

Demonstrate Compliance

Demonstrate compliance with regulations

Useful Analytics

Gain useful analytics and reporting with regular updates

Centralise physical access

Reduce delays in on/off-boarding identities and their physical access in PACS

Find out more about PIAM and benefits of
SAFE Enterprise in our eBook:

Securing the Future with Identity and Access Management

1 Source: based on an IDG Research Service survey of 101 IT security leaders at organisations with 1,000 of more employees.

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