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Product Specifications Sheet

Fargo Cleaning Kit 088933 HDP Printers

Part No

Cleaning Kit for HDP6600 & HDP8500 Printers includes

  • 4 Printhead Cleaning Swabs
  • 10 Cleaning Cards
  • 10 Cleaning Pads
  • 3 Long Alcohol Cleaning Cards
<p>The Fargo 088933 printer cleaning kit includes everything you need to clean the inside of your Fargo HDP8500 and HDP6600 printers to keep it working optimally. Dust and other tiny debris can degrade your printed image quality and even damage your printhead or other critical parts of your printer. With routine cleaning, you can expect optimal image quality and a longer life for your Fargo card printer. The Fargo 088933 cleaning kit includes both adhesive and alcohol cleaning cards for cleaning the card rollers, cleaning swabs for the printhead, and cleaning pads for general cleaning of the inside of your printer.</p> <p>The print head cleaning swabs are pre-moistened with 99.99% isopropyl alcohol and recommended to use every 1000 prints.<br />The adhesive back cleaning cards are for cleaning the platen and feed rollers and recommended to use every 1000 prints.<br />The long cleaning cards are pre-moistened with 99.99% isopropyl alcohol and are for cleaning the printer's magnetic head, platen and feed rollers. It is recommended to use every 3000 prints.</p>


Same Day Dispatch No
Brand Fargo
J110i No
J120i No
HDPii No
PR-5360LE No
PR-5350 No
C50 No
DTC1000 No
DTC1000Me No
DTC1250e No
DTC1500 No
DTC4000 No
DTC4500 No
DTC4250e No
DTC4500e No
HDP5000 No
HDP6600 Yes
HDP5600 No
HDPii Plus No
HDP8500 Yes