HID Mobile Access

Convenient, Smart and Secure. Future Proof Access Security.

What is HID Mobile Access?

HID Global’s award-winning Mobile Access solution enables organisations to answer end-user demand for convenience and choice, with mobile access control technology.

Extending access control functionality to a mobile device allows end-users to securely and conveniently access the workplace using their smart device.

The solution can be deployed as best suits your needs. Implement it as a pure mobile access solution or utilise your existing access control system. Be confident in maintaining privacy of sensitive information.

Why Mobile Access?

Mobile devices are ever present and always on hand serving a variety of purposes, with mobile becoming the go-to technology. Leveraging mobile technology to access doors, parking facilities and gates – along with networks, other enterprise applications and much more – has become the evolution of access control.

The efficiency and potential cost savings gained through centralised access management is becoming more attractive to organisations, as they are asked to do more with less. HID Mobile Access is leading the way with mobile solutions that support the needs of today’s organisation in a mobile-first world, delivering the highest level of security and privacy protection available for access control.

Watch HID’s video on HID Mobile Access for your organisation:

HID Global’s intuitive Mobile Access Portal and App enable organisations to efficiently deploy and manage mobile users with confidence

Touchless Access

Utilise Bluetooth or NFC technology to open doors with your mobile device via the “Tap” or “Twist and Go” gesture methods.

Two-factor authentication

Users must first authenticate themselves on their devices, then authenticate themselves within HID’s Mobile Access App.

Higher Security

Mobile ID data is signed and encrypted using AES encryption, that is bound uniquely to a device via SEOS technology.

Multiple Devices & Credentials

HID Mobile Access allows you to utilise multiple mobile devices and store multiple credentials. This results in a converged access solution, bringing more convenience to users.

Efficiently set up and manage users, with 3 simple steps!

Key Features & Benefits of HID Mobile Access:

Highly Secure

With two-factor authentication.

Greater Operational Efficiency

Using simple enrolment for end-users through an intuitive App.

HID Mobile Access Portal

Features a user-friendly interface for administrators, along with touchless access.

Every Transaction

Is unique to ensure privacy.

Access Rights

Can be easily managed by an administrator at any time.

Futureproof Access with HID, for Convenient, Smart and Secure Access

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