UV Phone Sanitiser

Part No. ID48465
  • UV phone sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs with no chemicals, heat or liquid
  • Fits all smartphones
  • Safely sanitises anything that fits inside such as keys, glasses, credit cards, earphones, makeup brushes and jewellery
  • Whether on the go or at home, you can conveniently plug the sanitiser into a mobile phone power bank, USB laptop port or a USB power adaptor
  • Includes an aromatherapy essential oils diffuser to leave your belongings smelling refreshed with your favourite aroma
  • Universal USB Cable included

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Product Information

How to use: Simply place your phone in the sanitiser and close the lid. During a 5-minute cycle, UV-C light kills 99.99% of germs & viruses on your phone's surface.

UV-C light effectively destroys nucleic acids and breaks apart the DNA of bacteria. With their DNA broken, bacteria can’t function or reproduce, and they die.

In addition to keeping your favorite belongings germ free, the UV sanitiser includes an aromatherapy essential oils diffuser.
Simply add a couple of your favourite aroma drops to the designated section inside, and press the aromatherapy switch to start the process. It stops automatically after 10 minutes with your device smelling refreshed with your favourite aroma.

Comes with a universal USB Cable, supplying DC5V/1A power to the sanitiser. Feel confident that you can plug the cable into a mobile phone power bank, USB power adapter, USB laptop port, or more. The USB cable gives you the versatility to sanitise your phone with its case, whether on the go, at work or at home.

Dimension (Outside): 230mm x 129mm x 50mm
Dimension (Inside): 200mm x 105mm x 30mm

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for my phone?

Yes, UV-C light is completely safe for your phone!

Note that UV-C light can potentially cause discoloration with continuous, prolonged exposure to lightly pigmented plastics. However, it would take many continuous hours of exposure to have this effect, similar to leaving your phone exposed to the sun over a consistently prolonged duration.

What is UV light and how does it work?

UV light has three wavelength categories: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. UV-C light is a short-wavelength, ultraviolet light that breaks apart germ/virus DNA, leaving it unable to function or reproduce. UV-C does not reach the Earth as our atmosphere blocks it. This light is harmful to our eyes, and skin with prolonged exposure. You will never see the UV light that is killing all those germs, but an external blue indicator on the device will let you know that it is being sanitised.

How do I power the sanitiser?

Standard USB plug.

What happens if I open the lid whilst the sanitization cycle is running?

When the lid is opened more than 30 degrees the unit switches off to protect the user

Can I put something other than a phone in the sanitiser?

While the sanitiser was created with phones in mind, you can use it to sanitise other items but you much do your own research to see any impacts.

Can I use the sanitisation cycle without the aromatherapy function?

Yes. The aromatherapy function is separate, you can use it in conjunction with the sterilisation function or by itself.

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UV Phone Sanitiser