Imagine being able to manage visitors, contractors, employees and emergencies from one central location. Our cloud-based WhosOnLocation has fast become the indispensable visitor management system for organisations across the construction, hospitality, healthcare, education and corporate sectors. We sat down with our receptionist, Donna, to discover why WhosOnLocation makes a difference to her busy role.


Q: Firstly, can you set the scene and tell us about the building?

A: This is a dynamic multi-use space, and hundreds of people pass through reception daily, including staff, contractors, customers and couriers. We have an on-site manufacturing facility and an enormous warehouse as well as corporate office space. It's a significant footprint, and we need to ensure everyone is safe and secure every day.


Q: What format does WhosOnLocation take in the reception area?

A: We have a customised touchscreen set into a branded kiosk. The screen welcomes everyone and asks them to sign in or sign out.


Q: How has this visitor management system changed the way you work?

A: Now that we're using a super-friendly, automated process, I have more time to attend to individual reception queries and answer calls. Visitors enter their details using the touchscreen and WhosOnLocation immediately informs the staff member they're visiting of their arrival. Once guests complete the sign in, a security pass prints out with their details. Our receptionists used to handle each step themselves.


Q. What other features do you like about the system?

A: Safety is a priority here, and the system takes visitors through a safety induction before completing the sign-in process. It makes everyone more aware, which is particularly important in our warehouse and manufacturing areas. 


Q. How does WhosOnLocation help you in the event of an emergency?

A: We have emergency management and evacuation plans and thanks to the system, we can instantly provide first responders with details of who's in the building and where. Because it's a cloud-based system, we can also run reports off location, even in the car park if necessary.


Q. What feedback have you received from visitors?

A: New visitors are impressed with the customised induction and returning visitors love that the system remembers their details and welcomes them back as it feels more personal. Since installation, the system has proved a superb selling tool as customers experience the benefits first hand.


Q. Would you recommend this electronic visitor management to other receptionists? 

A: Definitely! As well as adding modern professionalism to the reception area, receptionists are more efficient as they can track when contractors came in, when deliveries were made, run reports in real time and more. If they're still running a manual electronic or paper-based system, they won't know themselves after installing this – it truly is a receptionist's best friend as it increases our job performance and improves customer service.


For more information about our WhosOnLocation visitor management system or to arrange a demo, call us on 1300 654 201 or email