For those that are new to asset tagging, it is easy to assume that they should be placed on assets in a way that is discreet and out of the way. However, asset tags are designed to be easily seen and placing them in visible, reachable locations can help with theft prevention as well as making it easier for maintenance staff to find what they’re looking for. Here are the most ideal places where asset tags should be placed when it comes to technology and IT resources.

1. Monitors

Most commonly placed on the back of the monitor. The flat, large surface at the back makes the asset tag easy to access and scan.

2. Computers

Asset tags can be placed on the front, top or back of the computer casing. Make sure that it does not cover any air vents. For consistency and efficiency, once you choose your preferred location for placing an asset tag on a computer, use the same location for all other computers. If IT staff already know that all computer asset tags are located on, for instance, the front of the computer, this takes the guesswork out of trying to locate the tags and improves efficiency. Learn more about top 5 uses for Asset Tags.

3. Laptops

A discreet location for applying asset tags to laptops would be underneath the laptop. This is frequently used but it does not have the same visibility as placing the asset tag on the front. Manufacturers sometimes already do this when they place brand stickers for the laptop’s processor and graphics card on the flat empty spaces that are on the side of the track pad (just below the keys). We recommend placing your laptop asset tag here too. Your Assets Tags needs to able to withstand use, the need to remain legible overtime, learn more about it in this blog post.

4. Mobile Phones

Mobile phones often have nowhere on the front to apply an asset tag or you’ll be covering part of the screen. The best location would be the back. Make sure you choose a flat even surface at the back that won’t cover the camera. If you’re using a mobile phone cover, you should also apply an asset tag there as well to act as a visible theft deterrent.

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