Asset tags like Duraguard are just one part of the asset tagging solution. The other half is the hardware and software that makes it all work. You can get asset tags and barcode scanners at ID Warehouse but what about the software? Traditionally, asset tracking and inventory management software providers offer complete desktop applications for a price but there is a growing market for mobile apps, some of which are free. We’ll look at a few of those options below.

1. Easy Barcode inventory and stock-taking

At the time of writing, this app is totally free and is highly rated in the Google Play Store. It works for both barcodes and QR codes. You can scan the quantity of items and do stocktaking on your mobile and export the inventory results as an Excel file. Besides being free, the other stand-out feature is how interface adopts the dark mode style which helps conserve battery life. Learn more about top 5 uses for Asset Tags.

2. Barcode Inventory Management System

The Barcode Inventory Management System app makes no attempt to be overly sophisticated. It makes it clear in the description that it’s a “basic inventory management system”. This shows in its simplistic interface but that’s not a bad thing: the simple interface makes it easy to use. At the time of writing, this app is free but still offers quite powerful inventory management and barcode scanning on a phone.

3. Barcode Inventory Management

Styled for small businesses, the Barcode Inventory Management app handles stock control and inventory management with four basic scanning modes: scan, add items, check in and check out. The interface is simple and the background has the texture of paper grocery bags which is a nice touch. It’s free to download but offers in-app purchases if you want more functionality.

4. Barcode to Sheet

The Barcode to Sheet is designed to scan barcodes and create custom forms to take the tedium out of data entry. It offers an Enterprise Edition where you can create sheets online, add multiple users and have multiple users working simultaneously. The description provides a detailed overview of the features but it’s not clear exactly what is included in the free version of the app. It seems to tailored to suit eCommerce businesses but can be used for other businesses or general personal use.

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