If you look closely at equipment in the workplace or office, often times you’ll find little asset tags attached. These asset tags are typically found on the back of monitor screens, underneath laptop computers and on the sides of heavy machinery. What purpose do they serve? Here are the top 5 uses for asset tags.

1. Reminders

The next time you’re in a car, look in the top right corner of the windscreen. This is usually where a sticker is attached that shows when the car is due for the next service. Asset tags can do the same thing for businesses. They're used to show and remind staff of when particular assets are due for servicing or expiration such as office printers, first aid cabinets and power tools. Learn more about where you can apply Asset Tags.

2. Insurance

When accidents occur, especially from fires or natural disasters, assets can be lost or damaged beyond repair. Asset tags are a great way to keep track of an asset’s serial number and other details that can assist with the insurance reimbursement process. For damaged assets, durable asset tags can help with identification. Learn more about our Asset Management Policy.

3. Recovery

Company assets like laptops and mobile phones can be lost, stolen or inadvertently misplaced when doing interstate travel or even on the usual commute to and from work. Asset tags can help airport, taxi and public transport officers identify your business quicker and get in contact with you. On a more subtle level, devices with durable and tamper evident asset tags can serve as a theft deterrent.

4. Inventory

Inventory control is much easier and more accurate with asset tags and asset management software. Instead of manually counting, calculating and verifying the assets, you can just scan the asset tag barcodes and let the asset management software handle most of the manual work. This is similar to how self-checkout works at a supermarket.

5. Satisfaction

This is a culmination of the previous points. With asset tags, your resources are maintained and serviced better; you have records to make insurance reimbursement easier to help the business recover quicker from accidents; the potential for disruption from stolen and lost assets is mitigated; and inventory counting and management is streamlined. All these improvements arising from the use of asset tags will help customers have a more satisfying experience. View our top free mobile apps for asset tracking and inventory management.

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