Asset Management Policy: Your Guide to Best Practice in 10 Simple Steps

A robust Asset Management Policy gives you maximum control – know what assets you own, where they are located, what they are worth and who is responsible for them.

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Top Free Mobile Apps for Asset Tracking and Inventory Management

Asset tags like Duraguard are just one part of the asset tagging solution. The other half is the hardware and software that makes it all work. You can get asset tags and barcode scanners at ID Warehouse but what about the software? Traditionally, asset tracking and inventory management software providers offer complete desktop applications for a price but there is a growing market for mobile apps, some of which are free. We’ll look at a few of those options below.

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Where to Apply Asset Tags on Tech Devices

For those that are new to asset tagging, it is easy to assume that they should be placed on assets in a way that is discreet and out of the way. However, asset tags are designed to be easily seen and placing them in visible, reachable locations can help with theft prevention as well as making it easier for maintenance staff to find what they’re looking for. Here are the most ideal places where asset tags should be placed when it comes to technology and IT resources.

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Top Asset Tag Durability Tests

Asset tags are effective only when they remain legible over time. How do you go about testing them? The best place to start is to request a sample to see which asset tags suit your needs. Most companies should be able to provide you a sample so you can hands-on with the asset tags yourself prior to making an informed decision when placing large orders. Once your sample arrives, these are the top things you need to consider.

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Top 5 Uses for Asset Tags

If you look closely at equipment in the workplace or office, often times you’ll find little asset tags attached. These asset tags are typically found on the back of monitor screens, underneath laptop computers and on the sides of heavy machinery. What purpose do they serve? Here are the top 5 uses for asset tags. 

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