Lanyards are widely known to be a convenient way for carrying any form of ID, however did you know that they have become more versatile overtime? From helping to ensure safety to celebrating special occasions, lanyards are a simple and affordable way to achieve more.

Ensuring Safety

Lanyards help identify personnel at your facility in two-folds. Firstly and most obviously, they can be used to carry and display individuals’ IDs, making it easy for security to identify any unwanted guests. Secondly, as lanyards come in a variety of colours, they are an effective way to differentiate employees, visitors, fire wardens, first aiders and security. Thus, when an emergency occurs, employees and visitors can quickly find the evacuation and first aid teams, ensuring their safety.

On top of this, lanyards can be a secure way to keep access passes handy and often, at a convenient level that allows the card to be scanned upon entry. This means that there is no excuse for employees to not carry and use their own access passes!

Boost Your Branding

Lanyards can be printed with your brand or company logo, and anyone wearing your brand is advertising for you. An eye-catching logo will stand out and make people remember you, which is essential if you’re representing the company at an event, trade show or seeing customers. See our custom lanyards here.

Raise Awareness

You’re supporting a great cause, so why not wear your heart around your neck and promote it? Choose lanyards in specific colours and print text on them to raise awareness about the cause you believe in. Sometimes, the simple way is the best way.

Celebrating Special Occasions

Is your company celebrating 25 years of service or is it hosting a major event for staff and customers? Celebrate these workplace milestones or anniversaries with custom lanyards! Lanyards used to commemorate major company milestones can still be worn afterwards to promote your brand and its achievements. Also, it is a good way to raise morale and pride during these special occasions.

Evidently, lanyards are more than just an ID carrier - it can be an effective and affordable promotional tool for a brand, company, special event or cause. Want to know the secret to taking full advantage of this? The answer is custom lanyards, whereby different parts of the lanyard can potentially be changed to best suit your needs. Consider the anatomy of a lanyard:

Lanyard Anatomy

Depending on the range of lanyards and your budget, the composition of lanyards can be personalised for your needs. At ID Warehouse, we supply quality lanyards and accessories to suit a wide range of industries and applications. Make your event or organisation shine with our range of customisable value lanyards or design a standard lanyard online today.

Need quality custom lanyards urgently? Jump in front of the queue with our Rush Lanyard Service for a quick turnaround. For more information or to discuss your customisation requirements contact us today.