Having launched in November 2014, the Canberra Innovation Network connects innovation and entrepreneurship with science and research by holding numerous events to engage entrepreneurs, researchers, and industry professionals. We reached out to their Marketing Director, Britt, to learn more about the fantastic work that they do and how ID Warehouse products have helped them.

Q: So what is the Canberra Innovation Network?

Britt: The Canberra Innovation Network is a not for profit organisation that helps startups and entrepreneurs. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to make an impact and change the world! We run workshops, programs, and events that support them on their journey.


Q: What technological innovation do you think will be making big strides in the next few years?

Britt: Here in the Canberra Region, we are seeing some really cool agricultural innovations and businesses revolved around sustainability and renewables. The world is constantly changing and we are surrounded by bright minds and passionate people who can make a real difference.


Q: You’re all about connecting innovation and entrepreneurship. How are these two things different?

Britt: Innovation and entrepreneurship come hand in hand. Entrepreneurs pave their own path, when they see problems they create their own solutions and often challenge the status quo. To do this they need to be flexible, creative and innovative. We believe great things come out of collaboration so our goal is to connect these entrepreneurs with each other, with industry and with the government so they can leverage and learn from each other.

We also hold events that bring these things together, which is where ID Warehouse comes in. We often run Hackathons where energetic teams of entrepreneurs, researchers, industry professionals, and passionate innovators are tasked to create an innovative business. They have 48 hours to create, refine and pitch it in front of an audience for a prize. As you can imagine this is a very intense, fast-paced, exciting environment, so we used ID lanyards to make it clear who is who at the event. Participants, staff, and mentors who were there to help, all wore defining ID lanyards that showed their role and the core details of the Hackathon.


Q. What’s your top tip for anyone out there that has an idea that’s still incubating in their head?

Britt: Go talk to people! And not just your friends and family. Make sure people want what you are selling before you spend money on it. We call it 'customer validation' and it's one of the most helpful steps when starting a business. 


Q. Why did you choose ID Warehouse?

Britt: We chose ID Warehouse because it was well priced, close-by and had fast postage! 


Q. What did you find most attractive about our product or solution?

Britt: We are all about lean innovation - We love things that are simple, cost-effective and flexible. 


Q: Where can people go to find out more about the Canberra Innovation Network?

Britt: If you want to stay in the loop about innovations coming out of Canberra you can also sign up to our newsletter or read our blog at https://cbrin.com.au/. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram!