Keeping everyone safe at work and ensuring that the workplace is compliant is a big task, especially if you have visitors and contractors coming in and out of the office. Couple all of that with having to prepare for a smooth evacuation in case of an emergency, it becomes a huge responsibility and a visitor management system would be handy. We sat down with our Compliance & Risk Manager, Vesna, to understand how our visitor management system helps her handle all of this so efficiently.

Q: We know you’re a very busy person, but can you tell us more about your role? 

Vesna: I’m a Compliance and Risk Manager with the responsibility of maintaining our Safety and Quality Management Systems for our site. As part of my role, I also manage our facility which involves management of contractors. 

Q: We used to use a pen and book visitor management system but now we’ve moved onto an electronic platform. Why did we make this transition and what visitor management system do we use now?


Vesna: Yes, in the past we used a manual and traditional visitor management system, which was very tedious to keep track of. As part of our continuous improvement activities, we looked for a visitor management system that would provide us with an improved visitor and contractor registration experience and is user-friendly from an administration perspective. As a result, we implemented WhosOnLocation which we are still using today, four years after implementation. 

Q: Keeping everyone safe is a big responsibility and involves a lot of work. How does WhosOnLocation help with this?


Vesna: WhosOnLocation has been essential in keeping our visitors and contractors safe because first of all, it is configured to include initial safety induction and site requirements for PPE. This allows us to provide them with a safety induction in a very easy and efficient manner. 

Secondly, WhosOnLocation plays an important role in ensuring a smoother emergency evacuation. For example, when a person signs in, they answer specific questions that are crucial for evacuations such as whether they need any assistance in the event of an emergency. This allows us to provide a duty of care for our visitors and contractors. WhosOnLocation also accurately keeps a log of anyone signing in and out at any time. This report is quick and easy to download from the Cloud, meaning that I can find out who is on-site at any time especially when an emergency evacuation is necessary.  As a workplace that places strong emphasis on safety and compliance, WhosOnLocation helps make it easier for us to do this. 

And lastly, WhosOnLocation conveniently communicate visitor information to our printers so that we can print visitor and contractor labels for them to wear. This ensures site security as we can identify anyone on our premises and any unwanted guests.

Q: Has there actually been a safety incident where WhosOnOLocation has been helpful?


Vesna: Yes, we have used the WhosOnLocation audit report to identify visitors on site as part of an investigation. We were able to easily download and review the visitor log which assisted us in narrowing down the time intervals of the incident and track who was here at the time, including their contact details and company being represented. 

Q: You mentioned that we’ve used another electronic visitor management system before. How does WhosOnLocation compare to that one?


Vesna: Unlike our previous electronic visitor management system, WhosOnLocation is a lot more user-friendly for both the administrator and the person signing in. It is also very easy to set up and there’s an option to add in basic safety requirements as well as an extensive induction for visitors and contractors. This is ideal from a compliance perspective because it saves time while ensuring that visitors and contractors are made aware of our safety procedures on initial sign in. 

Adding to this, WhosOnLocation is very streamlined and reliable - we’ve had it for four years now and there hasn’t been a problem. So it only requires a proper set up once and this then gives you a peace of mind to focus on other important safety elements. On top of this, WhosOnLocation has given us the flexibility of installing the application on both a kiosk unit and an iPad.  Also, the configuration of WhosOnLocation is not complex and can be changed as site requirements change.

Another positive feature is that WhosOnLocation allows us to easily access the log of visitors and contractors signing in and out on any days because the information is stored on the Cloud. This is handy when time is a crucial factor like during evacuations or investigating incidents and of course, the information would be more accurate than our previous manual record keeping of visitors.

Along with this, WhosOnLocation features an automatic email notification system, where the host automatically gets emailed when their visitor signs in. This is very efficient because it saves the receptionist from having to call the host to advise them about their guest and also ensures that the visitor or contractor is not left waiting in the foyer for a long time.

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