Remember the time when your car broke down unexpectedly? Remember the frustration of having to arrange for alternative transport and the time and cost of repairing the car? Similarly, your high-performance, high-value card printer needs routine cleaning for optimal performance and to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Card Printer

Lucky for you, it usually takes less than 5 minutes to clean your card printer and the beauty is that this results in a multitude of benefits:

- Longer printer lifespan

- Save money with less major repairs, defective card prints and ribbon breakages

- Optimised printer performance and print quality

- Reduced unnecessary printer downtime - Did you know that almost 25% of printers that HID received for warranty-related service didn’t need to be serviced, and only needed to be cleaned?1

3 Easy Tips to Protect Your ID Card Printer Investment

1. Set a Cleaning Schedule

Making and sticking to a cleaning schedule ensures that your card printer is regularly maintained and allows you to plan any card printing activities around it. Your schedule will depend on the environment that the printer is operating in. Generally, you should thoroughly clean your ID card printer after every 1, 000 printed cards. However, if it is working in a dusty environment, which is not recommended, then the card printer needs to be cleaned with every ribbon change. 

2. Don’t Rely on Cleaning Rollers Only

While it’s a bonus that some print ribbons are supplied with cleaning rollers, these rollers can only help remove debris from dirty cards and are not enough to keep your printer in tip-top shape. Hence, it is important to use a variety of printer cleaning products to protect your investment.

3. Using Optimum Cleaning Kits for Your Printer

To further simplify the cleaning process, use a cleaning kit designed for your card printer model, such as the FARGO Printer Cleaning Kits. With custom cleaning supplies and detailed instructions, this is a reliable solution for optimising your printer performance and maximising its life. 

4. Watch HID’s Video Demonstrations on Cleaning FARGO Printers. If you have a FARGO card printer, then you should definitely check out HID’s video demonstrations on how to clean their popular printers. This will add another layer of simplicity to your cleaning process and will show you the right way to go about it. 


1. HID Ultimate Cleaning Guide for ID Card Printers