TEMPbadge Adhesive Spot Expiry Badge BACK BLANK Thermal Printable

Part No. TB4103

An adhesive back and token expiration area make this an easy-to-use expiring badge solution.

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Product Information

Looking for an expiring badge solution that's a bit more subtle? These spot expiring badges are perfect for you!

Most TEMPbadge expiring badges are "full" expiring badges, meaning the expiration lines show across the entire badge. For our spot expiring badges, only the coin-sized spot shows the expiration indicator. You get the same clear indicator of expiration, just in a smaller package.

This badge back features an adhesive back, making it easy to issue: just remove the liner and stick it to the wearer! The badge back is thermal printable as well, allowing you to quickly add a guest's name, your logo or other important information.

Please note that this is not a single-piece solution: an expiring spot front is required to create a full solution.

More Information
Enquire OnlyNo
TypeExpiry Badge
U.O.M.Pack of 1000
Print MethodThermal Printer
Size54mm x 81mm


TEMPbadge Adhesive Spot Expiry Badge BACK BLANK Thermal Printable